Friday, August 29, 2008

S T R E S S ~ ~ ~

This kind of life has been with me since 25th July, after that trip to Fraser Hill. I had never get enough rest since after that trip. Continuous labs at least half day or may be even whole day, continuous field trips almost every weekends, from Friday to Sunday. I'm having sore restless eyes now. Currently always fall asleep in the class, especially such an interesting Japanese Class. OMG!! I had to tell to you that this is the only weekend I'm free.. Next weekends I have to go to Sg. Lembing, Pahang to measure the width of the river, that's one of my jobs. I don't know what are the other stuff that the lecturers wanted us to do there. Next week I also have to pass up my proposal to my supervisor and a scientific paper for the subject "Scientific Communication". The next following week will be my proposal presentation week and also my Japanese mid sem exam. I always wanted to score my Japanese paper coz major papers are damn hard to score to me. I must study very hard this time and that week I'll have to go back to Fraser Hill to plant my species. High possibility have to fast together with them. I don't mind that actually coz I can still drink water but I'm already over stressed, I wish to get a rest by that time. I already can't afford to handle all these stresses accumulated since July. HELP ME!! I thought my supervisor will be considerate but I'm the one who tolerate with all these. I hate it!! Some more, my 2 coursemates have to go to help me. They have motion sickness and I'm so guilty coz they were asked to go to help me by our supervisor. I don't want them to go actually coz I have to see them feeling unwell, wanted to vomit but can't vomit. Argh!! I'm the culprit!! Shit!! I hate this feeling!! Buy candies and sour sour food for them but still the same.. Haiz!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is my LIFE!!

Oh no no no no... I'm living in the hell for few weeks d.. This is my life.. So packed!!

Monday 8am - 4pm lab work for thesis, no breakfast and no lunch, 4pm - 6pm class, back bath, dinner, do assignment, watch not even 1 episode's drama. Then sleep.

Tuesday 10am - 2pm class. 2pm-5pm soil labs. Extra time during lab will be my lab work for thesis. damn it!! no breakfast and lunch as well for today.

Wednesday 10am - 2pm class. I have Japanese hiragana test this week, means tomorrow. After that I still dunno I have to go lab or not coz dunno got transport back home or not. Still no breakfast and lunch probably.

Thursday 12pm - 5pm lab work for thesis. 5pm - 6pm class. No breakfast and lunch for today too.

Wey hey!! I'm already a super girl, I don't feel hungry at all even though I don't eat. I'm numb and I don't have feelings now except sleepy all d time and due to my busy-ness, I have a lot of pending works.

Pending works:
- proposal writing.. not even start yet (due this Friday)
- field work to Fraser Hill to plant all those bloody plants.. diu!! (this Friday-Sunday)
- field work to Tasik Chini.. I dunno what to do there, can i be exempted?!?! (next Friday-Sunday)
- my pending lab works (Existence of Mg, K, Ca and P; ketumpatan pukal, ketumpatan kumin - this stupid experiment fail and made me have to redo where I spent 5 hours to do this stupid idiot experiment on Monday this week)
- notes to be given to my direct junior still with me
- rental also forget to pay
- tuition fees not yet settled

And I have so forgetful recently.. I feel like I have more pending works but I dun remember..

How I wish I have 40 hours a day now.. I'm so sick.. Every single thing makes me hard to breath now.. Arghhh..... I wanna back home!! I miss my bros there~ ='(

Thursday, April 03, 2008

In Remembrance of My Dearest Godfather

To my dearest kai pa:

I remember,
When I was a kiddo,
You brought me to the supermarket,
Almost every time when you're free.

I remember,
When I was a kiddo,
You bought me anything,
That I insisted I wanted it.

I remember,
When I was a kiddo,
You peeled and fed me pomelo,
Just because there're loads of seeds which I hate.

I remember,
When I was a kiddo,
You brought me in your car,
Went for sight-seeing.

Yin, your house has loads of my baby and toddler hood's memories..

Honestly, you and kai ma really really sayang me, more than my parents do. I loved overnight at your house, sleeping next to you and kai ma. But as I grown up, I seldom visited you again. I was so busy with my tuition. Kai ma was so busy babysitting Dillon and baby. You were so busy working outstation.

Recently, during the Chinese New Year, you called me and we visited kai ma that night, just right before the day I went back here (KL). I did ask for your mobile number because kai ma told me that you wanna find me. But I was so busy with my mid sem and assignments after that, and I was trying my best to complete them as soon as possible. Who knows that week that I planned to meet you up, I had to go for a fieldwork and I delayed my plan. And it was such a coincidence that you were involved in an accident and were in comma that raining Sunday night. I went to see you last Saturday afternoon, you were responding to me, by very slight move of your eyelid, and I thought that you will recover soon..

Today when I was in SkyBus, passing by Putrajaya, I was thinking if you have already woke up. And I have planned to visit you some time this weekend. But why didn't you wait for me? You left everyone of us when we were not by your side. I wonder how's kai ma now? Crying? Regretting not to follow you here just because of that baby boy?? And what 'bout Ai Wee jie jie??

Kai pa, Rest in Peace..

From the girl missing you so much.. :'(

Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, nothing to write actually. A friend of mine asked me to remember this day - 30th March 2008 so just blogged it here..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Break In..

There were thieves (believed to be two of them) broke into my house from my toilet's window on the 2oth early morning, around 4.15-5:40am while I was sleeping (OMG!!) , the same day I'm going to Fieldwork.. Both my mobiles were stolen so I dun have any mobile for temporary.. Then, there were another two laptops in the living room were stolen too.. I'm so sorry that I'm the cause for everything that happened.. I should have shut the window of my toilet.. I shan't sick.. I should have wake up earlier.. I shan't sleep like a pig.. I shan't...... I'm so sorry.. I really hate myself!! Why must I live till this age??

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shabu-Shabu Steamboat Buffet

6 of my housemates and 2 girlfriends of the guys and I went to Puchong for steamboat buffet last night. Very very full indeed, and happy.. =)

So here are the pics of my steamboat.. (",)

Cooking some balls..

Look at the plates and dishes surrounding my steamboat.. o_O

Close up of my steamboat.. SLRPP~

Cooked cuttlefish, balls and seafood bean curd..

My roomate's favourite, and she's good in peeling d shell of the prawn with her mouth and teeth.. ; )

After some time.. We managed to stacked up like this tall, and continued eating.. haha..

Finally, no more balls and etc in the soup..

Empty bowl!!

And, finally my pork finished.. FULL~

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sushi King AGAIN!!!

Lunch at Sushi King AGAIN!! I skipped class just for all these SUSHI~!~!

4 of us ate 18 plates of sushi .. A housemate of mine who doesn't like sushi contributed 3 plates only. haha.. He was forced to eat with us coz he didn't know what to eat for his lunch.. =P

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sushi again..

My room mate and I with her two other friends went to Sushi King again. This time was a SMS we received that there's a BUY 1 FREE 1 Promotion for all Sushi item. 4 of us altogether ate 2 blue plates, 4 beige plates, 10 pink plates, 2 red plates and 2 purple plates. All 20 plates and 1 Saba Soba set. No pics taken though.. Guess how much have we eaten??

RM57++ only!! Cheap ler..

In order to get the promotion, key in My111 sushiking and send to 33365. 1 handphone number just can use once in a year. 1 thing i'm not sure is that dunno when will the promotion end. And, another things to tell you guys, do not send if you're not intended to go. A SMS costs RM3.50 and it'll expire a week later after you received the SMS.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Part 2

Ok, I'd like to show you guys the rubbish produced during Malaysia's General Election 2008..

Here it goes...

The very exaggerate look of bus stop with that very huge piece of rubbish..

Small pieces of rubbish everywhere on the grass..


More rubbishhh...

And even more..
(Sorry this isn't clear.. Took while the car is running at around 60kmh..)

A very very huge one though..

That's it for the rubbish.. I'd like to share something with you guys other than rubbish.. =)

The "not-sure-guard-house-or-temporary-office-of-new-construction-base" is sticked with all the small party banners as if people blind, can't see or what..

The very exaggerate bus stand look..

The very messy look..

To me, it's really like 怕死人家看不见.. If people see your efficiency and effectiveness in solving problems, they'll sure vote for you. It's useless to stick and hang all these things coz this is really annoying and irritating, spoiled the clean-looking city.. So PLEASE COLLECT AND CLEAN UP THE MESS AFTER THE ELECTION..

P/S: I'm not intended to offend any parties in the pictures uploaded in any part of my blog.. And, I really think that these are unwanted rubbish produced which that you can actually minimize them.. Instead of WASTING MONEY, ENERGY, RESOURCES to produce all these rubbish, why not you guys save the environment to show the people that your party is a really efficient one?!?!

Road Construction

You can always see construction is everywhere when election is just around the corner. So here are the pics...

Destructing the road..

The tar..

Soon they gonna patch the road!!

Like this!! UGLY!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Election Part 1

Well, d General Election is coming, and I really hate it!!

This small, clean-looking city where I live is now overwhelmed with the parties' banners, posters and flags which that they think is very beautiful!! *vomit* And for sure not only this city, most cities also having this ugly look.

When wind blows and rain falls, these small banners (whatever you called it coz I don't know what it calls) will fall onto the grass and turn into rubbish!! Really plenty of them on the roadside, but I don't manage to capture any to attach them here, see if it's possible these few days.

Besides, those abusive banners that insult opposition parties also can be seen everywhere. And there's a XXX party telling the public that "HARGA MINYAK TURUN, UNDILAH XXX" (if you want the price of oil to decrease, vote XXX party) how funny is this?!?!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sushi King

Went to Sushi King for dinner last night with 5 other housemates. So here's the pic...

Six of us ate 2 blue plates, 9 beige plates, 5 pink plates and 2 red plates of sushi.. PLUS, 2 set meals and 2 tempuras.. haha.. FULL~~ and delicious!! *MuackxXx* We love SUSHI!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


dadadada... I'm back again, after few months of lazy blogging. But I guess I won't stay long due to too many assignments to complete, and also to study now (I'm serious!!) =) Coz I'm going for a vacation during study week then when I back here, I'll sit on my final exam the next day. That's why I'm kinda hardworking now.. =P

My housemates and I went to eat Steamboat at Wong's Kitchen, Sg. Chua. We thought it's d buffet style steamboat coz written on the board of the restaurant's name: Shabu-shabu style.

So here's my steamboat...

My Tom Yam Soup

The noodle, some oyster mushroom, some golden needle mushroom, a small, tiny egg, some green vegetables..

2 pieces of bean curd (fu zhok), 2 pieces of vegetable balls, 2 pieces of wantan, 2 long long fish stuff, 2 pieces of fish balls, 2 pieces of chicken balls, 2 pieces of sotong (squid) balls, a pork ball, a dumpling and a filament stick.. THAT'S IT!!

And a glass of Honey Lemon..

The soup with some balls and filament stick inside..

The steamboat set costs RM12.90 and the Honey Lemon costs RM3.50

It's really expensive man.. Those ingredients cost less than RM5.. x_x

And, the noodle isn't nice with Tom Yam soup...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Birthday Celebration ^^

The night before yesterday, my housemates came back from exam, telling us that we would be having a small party on the next day, which means yesterday, usinges the money we earned from KIY's Pesta Tanglung. Then we were liked, OK, good, not bad.

Well, last night turned out to be a big SURPRISE coz we don't know that they bought a cake to celebrate the December babies' birthday, 3 of us (of course including me!!) They cooked all the dishes, I meant the boys who didn't have exam yesterday!! Incredible right?? And their cooking are rated between 3-4 stars, very good!! haha..

A banana chocolate cake, 6-8 dishes, Coke, watermelon, 11 people, 3 presents.. We chose our own presents, and since I'm the youngest, I was given the chance to choose first.. o0o, I love my present!! A sweet photo frame!!

I love u guys!! Thanks a lot for the advanced birthday celebration..

Countdown: 6 days to finish exams, 7 days to back home!! I can't wait any longer man!!